Sunday, January 8, 2012

am i should giving up :sigh:

just  a little entry. there are more other interesting things to share. somehow, i need to express my frustration.

last week, i planned to complete my proposal for master, since its just need 70% to be completed. every single day, after i got home after work, i keep remind myself to get everything done before 10pm. from prepare for dinner, feeding my sons to doing laundry. but its end up nothing. either i got slept not on purpose or i have to take turn looking after my child when my husband slept earlier. Every day already being a tiredness day, and not-enough-sleep day.

for the first time starting from i doing the proposal, my head tinkle with this question.


there's nothing differ. i wont get any promotion after i got the master, my salary wont get any changes. i just got my SATISFACTION after thousands have been spend.

i need a motivation to make any decision. Allah, U always with me, what should i do?


zul said...

think... what do u really need?

money ? position?

satisfaction? knowledge?

life? or family?

answer this question, then u know what to do....

zuriani said...

i think i agree with earlier comment from en zul kita...

kalau akak nak end up di poli mungkin hasrat nak tangguh belajar, boleh jadi betul.. tp if ada perancangan lain, kena pertimbangkan lagi hasrat tangguh belajar..mungkin nak jd peny univ ke, atau somewhere else kan..who knows..

if smbung belajar atas sbb knowledge saja pun tak de salahnya, cuma bila buat bersendirian, kena duoble up usaha n mmg kena cari masa.

cam saya, mujur ada classmate je kak, rasa kuat skit.. kalau diri sendiri, dah lama jatub tergolek2 dah..

jgn lupa, istikharah k..