Monday, January 11, 2010

manage my time.

since i had a time management problem, i found a useful article that can be shared with others.

time managment:tips to reduce stress ( i repeat STRESS!)

1. Plan each day. Write a to-do list,most important task at top.
*i'll try to write it in my handset.

2. Prioritize ur work. Important task come first.
*always doing unnecessary things such as playing release-tension game

3. Say NO to nonessential tasks.
*ni yang susah sikit nih..terutama bila ada gosip baru

4. Evaluate how you are spending ur time. jot down in a diary.
*good practice.muhasabah..

5. Limit distractions.
* Ni pun susah nak buat..

6. Get Plenty of sleep, healthy diet, exercise regularly.
*hmm.. camne ye.

7. Take a break when order to re-energize
*i agree

good to practice.