Thursday, February 5, 2009


since january 19 (my first day working in 2009), after a month in upsi, today is the first day that i feel working as a lecturer rather than a department's asset's officer.. 3 struggling days are over, and i feel like a bird release from a cage.

and today, when i went back home, after 3 weeks.. i just realized that i'm a mother to a cute, little naughty son and a wife to my husband.. whenever these almost three weeks were very exausting weeks.. seems that these two beloved person have been quite neglected in a messy new house.

i havent cook for them for a while because of the tiredness.. though it is my fav things to do. a few last weekends means nothing to me since i'm too anxious about my department's asset audit.

so, i'm taking an off working day tomorrow.. get some rest for my mind and 4-month-pregnant body. dont even know what my plan for tomorrow.. but the main things to do is to get my messy house tidy again.