Saturday, September 5, 2015

Teknikbad helps.

Yesterday was a very tiring day.
Afiq has sukaneka, sort of light sort of sport for kids at Pantai Balok, and he already submitted the form to confirm our attendance.

The form was signed by me whom don't know that i have to handle all 4 heroes by myself. My husband have curricular activities at his school.

If i knew, i didn't agree to attend. Haha. 

And its Allah fate and i should accept it as a challenge. 

I know that i can handle my 4 heroes alone but somehow when it comes to the situation that need one of my son to participate in the activities, i thought of difficulties to handle the rest. I need to alert Afiq for his teacher call, and the other 3 heroes need my attention to accompany them playing around.

Can u imagine the situation? 
Berat mata memandang kan?

So, early on the morning, i do teknidBad. 

TeknikBad is shortcut of Teknik Bertanya Allah Dahulu. I learn about the technique from one of my FB friend and also the writer.

This technique makes me more dependable to Allah than my own strength. Logically, i will getting difficult and stressful to handle my heroes. This techniques teach me how to ask Allah to help.

He is The Almighty.

And it works.
The best thing was Allah gift me cabutan bertuah at the end of the sukaneka. Sort of a gift for all things i sacrifice to manage all my 4 heroes.

Thank you Allah.

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