Thursday, September 3, 2015

Its Not Impossible.

How time flies.
The last time i update this blog was a year ago. Its seem been isolated seems i got another blog and focus is to maintain the other one for my Shaklee business.


Is there anyone who waiting me to update the entry? haha. I've a lot to share but somehow my hectic routine cannot allow me to do. But my FB wall updated every hour and you may comment instantly there.

For so long not update, then its all in omputih? Mimpi apa? kahkah.

Yes. I've got ONE dream. To polish my skill composing in English.

I have a long term target. I want to be a writer. A kinda of parenting article and of course in English.
In 5 years from now, i may fluently speak and absolutely, publish articles or books in fully English version in motivation and parenting.

Haha. How big my dream is.

And for that reason, i should start now. I should start update my blog in English.. write simple entry about myself and how i manage my daily live.

Please pray for my consistency.
I want to be a better person in future and can give more to my society.

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